Spain as a sustainable destination or for vegetarians or vegans? Holidays on the Iberian peninsula were not exactly the hotspot for veggies. Fortunately, things have changed in recent years and the options for shopping and eating out have grown immensely.

Green Marbella - Eating out

Plan your trip to one of the cities with the best climate in mainland Europe. Marbella offers sun, sea and endless beaches. The promenade is one of the most beautiful in Europe and invites you to take long walks. The old town and the luxurious yacht harbour Puerto Banus offer urban life in the traditional Andalusian style and astonishment at what human vanity can produce. Along the way are countless chiringuitos – beach bars – and restaurants. Most of them are very Spanish and for vegetarians there is a rather limited choice of food, for vegans it is quite difficult. A real insider tip is the Chiringuito at the noble beach hotel Puente Romano. It is located by the sea and can be reached easily from all Almodóvar Villas – you just sit there wonderfully and there is the usual Spanish selection, but besides the incredible burger from Beyond Meat, there are also other vegan options. https://www.puenteromano.com/dining-and-drinks/el-chiringuito/

Offering many more vegan options but a less than spectacular location: Hustle n’ Flow, which claims to offer every dish also vegan or gluten-free https://www.hustlenflow.com/ . Rather for vegetarians only but really good and with vegan options is Pan e Mermelada https://www.panymermelada.com/

Our absolute insider tip is the 100% vegan, organic and predominantly raw-food oriented Goia – raw food is known to be really not everyone’s cup of tea, but here you meet Carlo Kuteer Zanasi, an artist among chefs, who creates incredibly delicate and refined dishes. A MUST for every visit to Marbella! https://www.gioiaplantbasedcuisine.com/

Buy green

Although Spain is one of the most important producers of organic food in Europe, large organic supermarkets like in Germany have not yet become widespread here. There are a few small organic shops in Marbella, but the selection is quite limited. For those who want to buy vegan and/or organic food, we recommend Aldi – they have a really large selection of well-declared organic food and a nice vegan selection as well. If you are looking for more choice, you will find it in the Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus. The supermarket on the ground floor is huge and offers an extraordinary amount of organic food, organic wines and really many vegan options.

Live green

There is a strong growing consciousness concerning sustainability – also in tourism. Almodóvar Villas was one of the pioneers and follows a strict sustainability concept.

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